Denver Ayurveda Consulting


Ayurvedic training for a Holistic, Healthier Life

One goal of Ayurveda is to promote the quality of sattva, which is clarity, consciousness, and harmony. We can promote this quality of sattva by boosting your life force (prana), building your immunity (ojas), and honing intelligence and enthusiasm for life (tejas)! I provide direction and support to people who want to find their way to their own best selves in order to create the life path they desire. To have a healthier body, mind, and spirit, contact me for an Ayurvedic consultation.

Initial Consultations: The first appointment is for 90 minutes and includes a full health intake where we cover all major health concerns, daily lifestyle, and eating habits. A detailed pulse reading will be done as well if the appointment is in person

What's Your Dosha?

What's Your Dosha?

I will identify important issues, provide a face, nail, and tongue examination, and discuss improvement methods step-by-step with you. Diet plans are very detailed with the goal of nourishing your body, taking into account your current imbalance and constitution. 

I concentrate on the causes of your problems and make effective methods of taking care of each one.  Using natural herbs and alternative medicine, I identify an optimum sequence of modalities for enhancement. You will have established healthy daily routines that increase your well-being.

I provide wellness and life coaching for all ages. You will take away a deeper understanding of who you are with diet and lifestyle changes to improve your health. It is recommended to take an Ayurvedic herbal medicine formula that I prescribe for your specific health concerns. Find out more information here. As an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner in Denver, Colorado, I invite you to experience a personal and physical boost, get questions answered about your body and any ailments, and receive a holistic diet plan created just for you.

I also provide Ayurvedic Consultations by phone video-chat as well!

Follow-up Appointments: These are 45 minute appointments to support you in continued growth towards your best health. You must have an initial before a follow-up can be scheduled. 

I am very excited to meet you and help you better your life. Nothing gets me out of bed faster than the opportunity to empower someone through health and Ayurveda!
— Alexa