Ayurvedic Food and Drink Rules

Ayurveda has long list of foods to avoid eating together and guidelines for how to eat. In this list I have condensed them into an easy to adapt, modernized guide to what the ancient yogis have known for thousands of years. Rules might seem weird, but it is actually pretty helpful and logical to have some structure around what and when to eat. You were probably never taught any rules around food but I promise if you try just one or two of these you will feel how you can easily impact your diet for the better.

Nine Ayurvedic Food Rules

  1. Eat only when you are TRULY hungry. The actual feeling of hunger is an emptiness below the navel, and a pleasant anticipation of your meal.
  2. 99.9% of the time eat cooked, warm, seasoned/spiced, and gently oiled foods.
  3. Allow three to four hours between meals for digestion to be complete.
  4. Drink no more than ½ cup of water with meals.
  5. NEVER drink ice-cold drinks. This stops your digestion and forces your body to work very hard to break down your meal. Sip warm/room temperature water instead.
  6. Sit down, relax, and have love and gratitude for your meal. Avoid distractions like t.v. or your phone. Never eat when angry, sad, or emotionally disturbed.
  7. Avoid eating food you don’t like as they won’t satisfy the mind and soul.
  8. Wait two hours after eating before sleeping or exercising.
  9. Avoid incompatible food combinations as follows:
    • Fruits with any other food→ Leave 30 minutes in between.
    • Do not cook or heat honey ex. microwave, baking, e.t.c. (ok in tea or water)
    • Consume one protein at a time ex. Choose either chicken or cheese not both.
    • Milk should mostly be eaten separate from other foods and always heated and spiced.
    • Smoothies should either be all vegetables or all fruits with no ice and no dairy. Both have specific benefits when the foods are separate; when they are mixed it is a cup of toxins.

Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash