Dhumpana: Ayurveda has Smoking Herbs!

According to Ayurveda, a person who wishes to take care of his or her health should inhale herbal smoke daily to treat or to prevent the onset of diseases of the parts above the shoulders (1), arising from increases of Kapha and Vata.(2)

Herbal smoking mixes have been a part of a healthy daily routine for thousands of years. Yes -- I said that. Lots of people I know just jumped up and down in celebration.

It is true that smoking specific herbs will help cleanse and clear passages to calm imbalances affecting the nose, throat, and chest. It also strengthens the hair, skull bones, sense organs, and voice believe it or not.

Different types of people like to use smoking herbs, whether it be tobacco, marijuana, or non-addictive herbs, for different types of reasons. The hummingbirds or Vatas (air and ether constitutions) like to smoke to calm down anxiety and distract from their worried minds. The tigers or Pittas (fire and water constitutions) love to relax from constant overdrive and achievement even though the actual fire properties increase their innate feeling of power. The majestic elephants or Kaphas (water and earth constitution) likes the stimulating and lightening properties of the smoke.

Traditional ayurvedic smoke therapy can be used in the indication of (3): Heaviness of the head, headache, rhinitis, migraine, earache, pain in the eye, cough, hiccup, dyspnoea, obstruction in the throat, weakness of the teeth, discharge from the morbid ear, nose and eye, purulent smell from nose and mouth, toothache, anorexia, lock jaw, torticollis, pruritus, infectious conditions, paleness of the face, excessive salivation, impaired voice, tonsillitis, uvulitis, alopecia, greying and hair loss, sneezing, excessive drowsiness, loss of consciousness, and excess sleep.

I love to reccommend an ayurvedic herbal smoking mix to those wishing to quit tobacco, nicotine, or marijuana OR to those who wish to supplement their toking routine with other herbs to combat the harsher more negative effects on their lungs and sinuses.

Signs of proper herbal smoking:

  • Clarity of mind, clarity in the thinking process
  • Clarity of throat, the absence of mucus collection in the throat
  • Clarity of sense organs
  • Lightness in head

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  4. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash