Ayurveda Electrolytes: It's Summer, Rehydrate!!!

We all know the facts, our bodies are made of 80% water, we can survive longer without food than we can without water, e.t.c. There is no denying it, water makes us feel better by cooling us down in the heat, replenishes some of what we are losing when we exert ourselves, and it's really nice to swim around in.

However, we also now know that water is not everything we lose when we void our bodily fluids. These minerals are vital to keeping our bodies cool and our 'pitta' or fire element in check. If we let the fire burn too hot we will not only persistently be dehydrated but our skin, bladder, kidney, digestive, and heart health will suffer. If you experience UTI's, heart palpitations, burning sensations such as heartburn, rashes, or have loose bowels one culprit could be not enough of the RIGHT hydration.

Ayurveda has a host of natural remedies so that when you lose electrolytes such as chloride, potassium, and sodium you can replenish quickly and effectively!

  • Pomegranate juice with a pinch of cardamom
  • Coconut water
  • A squeeze of lime in room temperature water
  • First cup of water in the morning is slightly warm with a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of himalayan sea salt
  • Steep mint leaves in water, add maple syrup, lime juice, and a pinch of himalayan sea salt
  • Cucumber juice or steeped in water and lemon/lime juice with a little coconut sugar.
  • Cilantro juice! Juice it with cucumbers, celery, and apple. If that doesn't cool you down, I don't know what will.
  • Cooled milk: warm the milk on the stove with cardamom, rose water, and a little maple syrup/coconut sugar. Let it cool to about room temp and drink.

Don't use ice in your drinks! Very cold liquid makes it very difficult for your body to absorb. If you use ice and pee a lot or feel you can never get enough water try just taking out the ice and see what a difference that makes!

Photo by Alan Carrillo on Unsplash

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