Why You Need Ayurveda

Why You Need Ayurveda

Why it’s important, how you can assimilate it, and what it is!

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Ayurveda teaches life. It connects the rhythm of your being to the rhythm of the Earth, of the universe. It synchronizes our daily life activities to the activities of the sun, the moon, the wind of autumn, the snow of winter, the defrosting of spring, and the fire of summer. Ayurveda clears away the superficial worries and superfluous habits and detrimental patterns so that we know why we live, why we wake up each day to navigate this world. When we are clear, we have perfect understanding that life is not happening to us, it is happening for us. The life in you wakes up everyday ready to be enjoyed and used to it’s fullest! By fullest I mean in it’s rightful health and vigor -- the ability to love deeply, adapt to all situations with ease, and move through life with graceful strength. Ayurveda is used to protect your most precious possession, your life!


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old sister science of yoga. Born in India, the ancient yogis created a complete medical system through trial and error and meticulous observation through their own humors as well as their patients. It is still the traditional medicine of India today because it still holds incredible value since it is based in preventative measures of medicine. While our young Western medical system has focused on the curative and maintenance part of what surgery or pain pills can do, Ayurveda provides solutions through self-care practices, diet, lifestyle, and herbs to bring ourselves into as perfect health as possible.


It starts with the three doshas -- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each dosha is made of two elements: vata is made of ether and air, pitta is made of fire and water, and kapha is made of water and earth. Each of us are a combination of all three because we need all these elements to function our bodies and minds. However, we are each a unique combination of these doshas, which show us how to live our lives best for us and only us. These doshas explain our passions, our quirks, our food allergies, our weather preferences, even our temperaments and moods. To get a basic idea of what you are made of, take this short quiz!


How Ayurveda Can Help

Whether you suffer from an ailment, a disease, a bad habit, or you are seeking vitality and full health Ayurveda has something for all. Through its extensive herbal pharmacy, practitioners can recommend an herbal formula specifically for health issues you want addressed. Through its long library of recipes and deep understanding of food, Ayurveda can help you learn to eat right for your body. In addition, through its dedication to balance and temperance, Ayurveda contains endless self-care practices so that the routine you establish on a daily level can help you establish a long life well lived.